reloading the 300RUM with Berger VLD's

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    Nov 18, 2004
    I have been loading with accubond 180 grain but thinking about stepping it up to around 200 grain bullets and was wondering how many grains to start out with. I have been using H1000. Even thinking just stepping it up to 200 gr accubonds any advice welcome
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    Feb 2, 2005
    To take advantage of higher BC's, I like using Accubond 200 and Berger 210 gr. My 16 y/o son (William), last Saturday took a doe at 482 yards using the 210 grainer.

    Use info. at your own risk. Be careful and good luck!


    For the 210 gr. Berger I use 91.3 gr. of Retumbo for a Velocity of 2979. You can easily bring it up to 3100 f/sec or so. Start at 87.0 grains and bring it up very carefully. I'm using a Remington Sendero SFII and a Remington 300 RUM LSS.
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