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  1. MER0828

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    Sep 15, 2008
    I am a relatively new shooter and expierementing with reloading for a stk Rem Sendero, chambered in 300 WinMag. Can anyone give me some reloading recipes?
  2. gebhardt02

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    Sep 17, 2008
    Recipes depend on the type of shooting you'll be doing. Are you going to use the load for hunting only or also target shooting? What is the biggest animal you plan on using the load for? For instance, if you are using the 300WM for animals no bigger than Antelope, I'd suggest something around a 150 grain bullet. But if you are going after elk or moose, a minimum bullet weight I'd recommend would be 180 grain, but prefer something around 200. The heavier bullets will also work well on the smaller game. Pick a bullet that'll fit your application, and work from there.

    As far as powder, I've used RE-22 and Hodgdon 4831sc with great results. My primers of choice are Fed 215M for the 300WM. Consult your preferred loading manual, and work up with your powder charge slowly, watching for pressure signs, velocity, and accuracy. I've used the Sierra manual exclusively. The sendero is a good platform and I think you'll find it to shoot rather well.


  3. roninflag

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    Feb 27, 2006
    MERO828- I have found the 300 win one of the easiest most forgiving catridges to load for ( after the .222 and 308) . re-22 , lapua brass ; 210 berger ; wlrm primer. is my 1000 yard load. have only shot targets with that load. i have found the accuracy loads in sierra good. i load the 165 baltip for deer with I-4350. i load for three senderos all shoot very very good. the all have a vais brake and the triggers adjusted.roninflag
  4. ATH

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    Oct 7, 2003
    Since you're on a long range site, I'll make the assumption that is what you will be doing.

    As with most rounds, go with a bullet on the heavier end of what is available for that cartridge. I am sure the 210 Berger is a great suggestion though I have not tried it myself. My personal loads are 74.0gr Re22 and 200 SMK, and 73.2gr Re22 and 200 Accubond. These loads, from my gun, are virtually identical ballistically. Note that this is above book charge, at least in my reloading manuals. You need to work up your own load starting several grains below this and watch for pressure signs.

    H1000 is another good powder with the 200gr bullets.
  5. 30-06 boy

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    Nov 17, 2005
    i shoot the 208 amax for the high bc. the 210 berger is about the same bc.powders including h4831 and slower seem to perform the best. my rifle likes imr 7828.i have shot 200 smk with sucess also.i've also found (in my rifle) that velocities around 2850 to 2900 fps seem to give the best sesults. also very easy on brass. savage 110fp/300wm. jasongun)
  6. squirrelduster

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    Dec 9, 2007
    74.5 gr RE22 with a 180 gr accubond. Great groups and very good on game. Several deer and hogs to this load and it doesn't ruin a lot of meat if placed correctly.
    Another good load is the 73.5 gr RE22 with the 190 Berger VLD. Extremely accurate but I haven't shot game with it yet.
    Both are with Federal 210M primers.
  7. johnnyk

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    Dec 24, 2001
    I used to own a .300WM Sendero but got rid of it. I looked through my reloading journal and on Mar18, 2001 I tried 180gn NBT with 75.5gn of RL22 and CCI BR2's and shot a .3400" group. That is a Nosler max load.
    Tried 180gn NBT again in May of 01 with 73.0gn of IMR4831/BR2's; first two bullets same hole, third was 1/4" out (again, max load).
    Tried 180gn NBT (in May01) with 76.0gn of IMR4350/BR2's and shot a .4765" group.
    168gn Speer HPBT Match/BR2's/74.0gn RL19 @ .3250".
    150gn NBT/BR2/77.0gn IMR4831 @ .258" (this is one grain above max!!)
    165gn NBT/BR2/71.0gn IMR4350 @ .413"
    180gn NBT/BR2/71.0gn IMR4350 @ .476" (one grain above max!!)
    168gn Speer HPBT Match/BR2's/75.0gn IMR4831 @ "one-holer! (one grain above max!!)
    note: 74.0gn or IMR4831/BR2 also produced one hole groups
    150gn NBT/BR2/76.5gn RL19 @ .3745" (max)

    01Aug08 (enter Savage 112BVSS)

    165gn NBT/H4350/9.5M/72.0gn @ .4175" (3269fps avg.)
    180gn NBT/H4350/9.5M/69.0gn @ .3700" (3094fps avg.)

    Hope these help. Please be careful!.....JohnnyK.
  8. tscott

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    Oct 9, 2006
    MERO, I shot a 300 Win Mag. I've tried many different bullets and powders for my Rem 700 you will want to try the Berger 168 VLD. It made all the difference for long range stuff for me. I can vouch for this bullet on big game at long range. I don't know how it does up close.
    Good Luck
  9. magicofmt

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    May 9, 2005
    I may hunt deer, elk and bear with mine, it loves H-1000 and 200 gr accubonds. The H-1000 is not very temp sensitive so it works in almost all hunting weather conditions, 20 to 60 deg.