Reloader 19 vs. The Cold

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    In working up a load for my 7 STW I've found that Reloader 19 is the powder of choice. How temperature sensitive is this powder? I'm going to chronograph it this week and see where I'm at now but I'm wondering what it will be like in -10 to -20 degree weather. What's your experience with it when the thermometer drops? Am I going to lose a lot of velocity or is the accuracy going to go. I know Hodgon has thir Extreme powders that are supposed to not be affected by the cold , but how badly is this powder affected?
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    Most guys here will tell you that it is VERY temp sensitive. I dont believe that it is that bad. I have tested RL25 in 2 different rifles and RL15 in another rifle with similar results. In all tests between 65+ degrees and -5 there was around 20 FPS difference. In one test the colder was a bit faster. Dont ask me why. The other rifle was 20 FPS slower. RL-15 in my 308 was around the 20 FPS mark as well.

    I would still test it for yourself as there are some very reputable shooters here that maintain their tests to be dramatically different from mine. So please, test for yourself. And please let us know what you find.

    What I have never tested was from 70 to over 90 degrees. Most here claim that when it hits the high 80's the loads get pretty hot. I have not tested this so I cannot agree or dissagree. It looks like you will have the same circumstances as me. Living where we live, there is little chance of ever hunting in temperatures hot enough to be problematic.

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    I have used RL-19 for quite a few years in my standard 7 mag. The loads developed were worked up in the 60 - 75 degree temp range. They have shot fine out to 500yds, down to the 30'ish degree range, with no notable issues. On the other hand these same loads will provide some sticky bolt issues with temps above 80 - 85 degrees. As was mentioned in the post on temp sensitivity, something about that 80 degree mark.

    On the other side of this coin, when I have used a couple of the RL powders in mid sized cases, like those in the '06 size, I have found that if using close to or a compressed charge that the drop off was very notable. One in particular was for a 165gr load in 30-06 using RL-22 which when worked up in 80 degree weather, shot similar to a gallery load once the temp dropped below 40. I also had a similar issue with RL-19 and some 162's in my .280. Same issue, worked up a great load in 80+ degree weather, then when shooting in the mid 30's - 40 degrees, the bottom dropped out of them, and I got 4-6" differences in drop at 200yds. Bear in mind that both of these were close to full case loads and in smaller cases than you will be using.

    Your tepms will be on the opposite end of the spectrun from ours down here in the balmy south. I would not hesitate to give it a try as it has and does produce some awesome groups, and great velocities in those bigger cases.

    Good luck, and post up what you find with yours.
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    I have a Oehler 35p and it will read acurate think it's 32 degrees it will read below that but don't think I want to really trust those reading. I'll do alittle testing during the winter months here in Co but I stay about 30 and so far I haven't seen a chronograph rated below the temp I mention.
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    i use rl-19, imr 4350, h4831, accurate 2520, and imr 3031 for a varriety of loads and rifles but rl-19 is my fav. in my .270 and i hunt in sub zero (-20) in idaho and i do have less power at impact at those temps and i tend to have more drop at over 400 yard than usual but ath 300 the differance is less than 1/4 inch and im still in a 1/4-3/8 groups no matter the temp with rl-19 now the 2520 if its over 90 it throughs a fit but it hot and fast and when does it get that hot in idaho LOL!!!lightbulb