Redfield scope on .300 WSM?

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  1. jvstoro

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    Mar 13, 2013
    Fellow hunters,

    I reside in eastern Canada, and recently purchased a 2003 Browning Hunter A Bolt II in a. 300 wsm. I plan to hunt moose, elk, deer and black bear with this gun. The maximum shooting range I will be shooting is probably no more than 300 yards, but for the most part it will be within 80-150 yards. I have decided to go with a Redfield Revenge scope in a 3-9 X42 mm. I choose this scope as the price was right , and read ups seemed like a good scope. I wanted the Burris Elimanator series scope but my budget was not there. Any feedback from you experienced hunters on this set up will be greatly appreciated, either positive or negative. Also any mounting tips are also appreciated.

    Thanking you all advance! gun)
  2. yobuck

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    Aug 23, 2008
    nothing wrong with being budget minded and buying what you can afford.
    a set of standard old weaver bases and rings are reasonable and will do the job well for you same as the scope will.
    just mount the thing and go shoot a moose.

  3. lloydsmale

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    Feb 5, 2012
    check the tracking and the repeatability on the adjustments. I had two revelutions and both were so poor at it that i sold them. Even moving the windage adjustment would effect the elevation and vise versa. Opitcaly for the price they were pretty good though.