Redfield 5 Star Golden 6x-18x-40mm Scope trade/sell

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    Dec 28, 2004
    I am looking to trade a Redfield 5 Star Golden 6x-18x-40mm Scope, with adjustable objective, gloss finish. The scope is in excellent condition and I'll include the rings that are on it. I can't tell what brand they are, but that are Weaver type that split at 12:00 and 6:00. Bluing on the scope is 99%, with a pinhead mark on the tube just before the Windage knob. Glass is crystal clear. Also includes Redfield pop-open scope covers.

    This scope was never in the field. It was used in a laser lab only.

    Here's what I'd be looking to deal for:

    Ruger, or similar quality, Bisley grip 45 Colt (prefer 4 5/8")
    Ruger SP101 357 3 1/16"
    S&W 25 45 Colt 4"
    Browning O/U 12 Gauges
    Makarov and CZ52 - maybe for fun : )

    Best to email me at: joseywale (at) comcast (dot) net
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