Rebarreling a .257 WBY Question

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  1. skookum

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    Nov 2, 2011
    I have a MK V stainless with a McMillan stick i Bought a few years ago that is not producing the groups i would like. It is a used rifle, with a stock barrel and i think its time for an upgrade.

    My Question is which barrels are the best and which ones can i expect less out of? My McMillan custom 300WSM has a Shilen and it continues to impress me, I like the idea of PAC-Nor because they are more local to me but they also seem to be on the cheaper end of the scale and i want to make sure that this shouldn't be a red flag. My second question is the fatory barrel length is 26", should i stay with 26" or has anyone had any more/ less success with a a different length?

    Side Question, can i use H1000 to reload 300 wsm? Since powder is so scarce i cant find RL17 or 4350 or any other powder for that matter, anywhere.
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    Oct 13, 2008
    For .257 Wby, I'd stick with a 26" barrel, and you might even be able to get a new barrel straight from Weatherby for a reasonably price. Shilen, Krieger, Douglas, Rock Creek, all of them make excellent barrels. I like the looks of my Accumark factory barrel, so if I ever shoot it out, I'll just rebarrel with a factory Wby barrel, and have my smith fit everything up perfectly.

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    Dec 12, 2005
    Another important question is who's reamer will you use? I find the specs on the reamer an important part of rebarreling. A friend and I have finally moved away from having the gunsmithing shop just use the reamer they have on hand.

    Dan and I put together a repeatable package. Five 257 weatherbys were chambered for two different actions with 3 groove lilja SS barrels. Two barrels were fluted #5s and three were #3 non fluted. ALL shot the 115 Berger VLDs using RL-25 with fantastic accuracy. We strongly feel the reason is the reamer's specs. We talked to Dave Kiff and sent in a dummy to get our reamer.

    If you PM me I can give you the name it is under at Pacific Tool and Gauge.