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    Jul 5, 2013
    I live in North Western Alberta at Grande Prairie. At re-tread age but been hand loading since high school. Burned our one barrel in a 7 mm Rmag and have a second tired one. Recently upgraded to a X-Bolt in a 243 with a Leupold V6 (I love it) My knees and hips are tired so I though maybe I can still have fun in a blind with a book and a call or two :). So I'm trying to ramp up to some long range varmints.

    I have a question about powder loading. Do you x-sperts feel confident in the weight tolerances in say a RCBS 1500 or the other electronic versions of scales for the kind of precision shooting I'm reading about? Or are you anal about beam-scales?

    I'm working up some loads and quite happy getting a few at < 3/4" at 100 yrds. Does that qualify for starts?