Rangefinder, primer pocket uniformer, etc.

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    I am getting out of reloading and I have a bunch of items up for sale. The first "I'll take it" gets them. I will check this post, my PMs and you can also email me at doublegobble00@hotmail.com. I will accept paypal and MO. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

    50 pieces of Winchester 280 brass nickel plated (5 used pieces) - $30 - My price $20 SOLD to Paul

    New never used 280 redding dies - $35 - My price $25 SOLD to Paul
    Redding 2-Die Set 280 Remington, 7mm Express - MidwayUSA

    Sinclair Arbor Press and neck die base - $110 new / $11 - Asking $95 (includes both items) SOLD to wgw242
    Sinclair Arbor Press - Sinclair Intl
    Sinclair Arbor Press Base - Sinclair Intl

    Bushnell Elite 1500 ARC Rangefinder - $420 new - Asking $350
    Bushnell Yardage Pro Elite 1500 ARC Laser Rangefinder RealTree AP - Natchez Shooters Supplies

    Possum Hollow Primer Pocket Uniformer $27 - My price $20; (VLD Chamfer tool and bullet comparator are sold already)Possum Hollow PPU SOLD to Paul
    Possum Hollow Primer Pocket Uniformer Tool - MidwayUSA

    Haydon Carbide Primer Pocket Uniformer - $35 - My price $25
    Cheap Reloading Supplies Rifle Dies For Sale Gun Reloading Equipment

    71 Berger 30 cal 168 VLD - My price $20 SOLD to Parkplinker

    Wilson Trimmer and case holders -(Br holder is sold)Wilson Trimmer, 7mm & 3006 case holders SOLD to Paul

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