Range time: 7BR XP-100 and 30-338WM Encore

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    Dec 19, 2005
    Took a little time to go to the local range. I took my XP-100 7BR and my T/C Encore 30-338 WM.

    This only the second range session with the 7BR for me. Last trip I had loaded some H322 pushing the Nosler 120 BT. Groups were OK (certainly Min of Deer) but I was hoping for better. Velocity of the H322 loads were around 2350 FPS for the upper end loads.

    After a bit of looking at powders suitable for the 7BR, I decided to try some IMR8202XBR. Hodgdon's website has data for a rifle length barrel, and this powder was clearly the velocity winner in their data. I decided to give it a try.

    All my loads consisted of R-P brass, F205GMM primer, IMR8202XBR powder, Nosler 120 BT, and an OAL of 2.358".

    I started at Hodgdon's listed start charge and loaded up to their listed max charge. 3 rounds each.

    30.0gr = 2376 FPS avg, 1.775" group at 100 meters.
    31.0gr = 2432 FPS avg, 1.364" group at 100 meters.
    32.0gr = 2507 FPS avg, 2.248" group at 100 meters.
    (I plan to redo this one. Quite certain 3rd shot is a flier...)
    32.5gr = 2520 FPS avg, 0.647" group at 100 meters.
    33.0 gr = 2560 FPS avg, 3 shots = 0.710", 4 shots = 1.460" at 100M.

    The 32.5 & 33.0 gr loads had slightly heavy bolt lift. I think 32.5 gr is max in this gun.

    Velocity seems a bit higher than expected, so I shot the 30-338WM Encore to see what velocity I was getting with it. Seemed to be in line.

    At any rate, the XP shot pretty good.

    Probably need to play with seating depth to see what that does to the vertical.

    Seems I almost always have good accuracy with Nosler BT's.

    Most of my loads for my 30-338WM Encore have been with Berger 175 VLD's. I wanted to try the Nosler 180 BT, so I loaded three using H4831sc @ 71.3 gr, WLR, R-P 7RM case, and took them to the range.

    I think this group will do for now. 100 meters.

    I have really developed a fondness for this 30-338WM. Had I known, I'd not wasted any money on any other barrel or chambering.

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Good shooting there!