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  1. outdooraddict

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    Nov 13, 2007
    when shooting at the range to develop a load how quickly do you shoot? Say fire chamber aim fire or fire set it down wait five minutes shoot again. I am shooting a 300rum so the barrel heats up quick. Also how often do you clean the barrel and with what? I just picked up a otis cleaning system but if rods are better Ill get one of them. thanks
  2. Coyboy

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    Jan 30, 2005
    When I'm testing a load or gun, I usually fire a round every 30 seconds or so. Usually however long it takes to load aim squeeze. Not that I rush but I don't wait a few minutes between rounds. When I shoot the 300RUM I limit myself to 3-5 round groups and then let the barrel cool before shooting more groups.

    Cleaning depends on the age of the barrel. Some of my well broke in barrels may not get cleaned for 100-150 rounds. Others after 30-40. Let the barrel decide. If you have a good load for the gun, with a certain accuracy standard, shoot the gun until the accuracy fades. Then it is time to clean.

  3. johnnyk

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    Dec 24, 2001
    How often I shoot depends alot on the outside ambient temperature...If it's really hot, 90*F and up, I shoot slowly. Anywhere from 2-5mins in between shots. I leave the bolt open, if possible, and keep the rifle out of direct sunlight. I use the underside of my wrist and my cheek to gauge the temp of my barrel.
    As for cleaning, I agree with Coyboy as it depending on the age/condition of the barrel. On most days I only shoot 3-4 loads (9-12 shots) per rifle so I usually wait till I get home to clean the barrel(s). If I'm going to be shooting different loads in the same rifle, like going from a Sierra Match King using H4831 to a Nosler Ballistic Tip using RL22, I'll clean at the range. There's no scientific basis for this, just the style I've developed over the decades. I always used a coated rod with an undersized nylon brush and patch (i.e., for .30 cal I'll use a .284" brush). I use a pipette to saturate the patch with Montana Xtreme's Copper Kiler. This usually cleans up my barrels in less than 15 patches regardless of fouling. Good luck. JohnnyK.