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    Nov 27, 2010
    Sunday a buddy of mine and I done some shooting on my range. 4 different guns


    dad's 7mm rem mag
    virgin Win brass
    150gr TTSX
    71gr RL25
    Fed 215 primers
    3240fps in shooter

    my 7mmx300win
    virgin win brass
    150gr nosler ballistic tip
    75gr RL25
    Rem 9 1/2M primers
    3350fps in shooter

    Wendels rigs:

    243win shooting 105 hornady match

    25 WSM shooting 115s I think


    650y 1 shot from each rifle after shooting at 500 to verify drops


    800y again all 4 rifles, wind was steady 1-2 mph with gusts up to 4, the lower right impacts are from Wendels rigs which he had never shot to this distance so just a slight correction was needed.