Quickload 338 velocities

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    Apr 2, 2007
    I’d like to ask your opinions on the estimates Quickload is spitting out to me for the calibers listed below and how they match up with reality.

    My primary goal with this is not necessarily obtain “real world” velocity figures, but rather ensure I’m making proper assumptions in the “ranking” or order in how these calibers compare to each other velocity wise under a set of given parameters like barrel length, load density and chamber pressures. I realize individual barrels, chambers, etc will have a large factor in velocity variations between guns, even of the same caliber and chambered with the same reamer.

    I find value with both of the following postings by Mr. Carlock and Mr. Kirby at the links below.



    Again, I'm just wanting to ensure I'm making proper assumptions about the "jump" or potential difference in velocity between the different chamberings.

    Quickload parameters:
    28” barrel
    300 grain SMK
    103 to 90% load density
    3.815 Overall Loaded Cartridge Length
    SAAMI max pressure not exceeded

    338 Lapua (SAAMI reamer print)
    116 grains of water to case overflow
    2770-2840 fps

    338 Lapua Improved (PTG reamer print)
    126 grains of water to case overflow
    2805-2885 fps

    338-378 Wby (SAAMI reamer print)
    130 grains of water to case overflow
    2815-2890 fps

    338-378 Kahn? (I don't have a reamer print...anyone care to share one?-PM me)

    338 Excalibur
    (A-Square/Manson reamer print)
    138 grains of water to case overflow
    2845-2920 fps

    If something seems out of the ordinary, I’d appreciate your feedback and the “why” behind it.

    I've got this posted at a few other forums, so if you see it there feel free to post up again. To me this is all about sharing knowledge and experience with others.


    BTW-This all Broz's fault after his post of his Mark V Lapua:)
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    This probably isn't the "quality" help you are looking for but I can tell you that in my 340 wby I get 2930 easily with 250 parts in a 26" barrel. If I set my QL to 63k pressure and ask it what the fastest speed I can push a 250 partition to it says 2940.....so I would say it is forcasting pretty well for itself.

    Some things to consider.....the factory wby has freebore and your new custom probably won't so will this affect speed/pressure a tad.

    And wby casings (ie 338-378) are pretty soft and can't be pushed as hard as say lapua in a good action??

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    Apr 2, 2007

    Great response...just what I was after.


    Whose got some more 338 Quickload comparisons to share?