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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by cstilt, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. cstilt

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    Aug 19, 2009
    I'm new to reloading and long range hunting. This site seemed to be the best source of information so I wanted to see if I could get a bit of help. I'm about to start handloading for a Browning A-Bolt II with Boss in 270Win. I'm wanting to use the Nosler 130gr Accubond with H4831SC powder like listed in the Nosler manual. I also have Win brass and Federal stanadard primers. My expected longest shot will be 400 yards. Short by a lot of members standards, but in the hungting I do in WV that's litterally ridge to ridge.

    I tried to find answers to my questions on the site, but had no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    To get started I bought a Hornady Lock N Load Kit and found the electronic scale to be accurate to +/- 0.2gr. How much can I expect this variance to affect my accuracy and ability to approach the recommended max loads? I'm wanting my loads to be consistant, but can't really afford to put in the money for another more accurate scale. What do you consider a good amount to increase each load by while working up? I've been told 0.5-1gr by different people.

    I also measured a few Accubond bullets. The length of them seems to vary slightly from bullet to bullet. When using COAL to determine the distance to the lands of the bullets, how much variation do you consider to be too much? On the topic of distance from lands. Do you vary this with each charge increase or with starting loads only to find the best distance?

    Also, any experience with this bullet/powder combo will be of help. Seemed like a good place to start my trials. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for the help, sorry for the long post.
  2. Leupold308

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    May 13, 2009
    I would think your reloading equipment should give you the level of consistancy you need for 400 yard shooting. I would start with a load setted just long enough to cycle from magazine. Then I would work up from starting load by 1. gr increments taking note where groups shot best. Then go up or down by .5 gr. I bet it wont take long to find MOA load.
    Then I would turn my atention toward looking for a good balance beem scale.
    Practice and experience will be key to consistancy in both reloading and LRHunting.
    130 accubond, driven by h4831sc should make for easy groups and a good hunting combo.
    Good luck.

  3. AJ Peacock

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    Oct 7, 2005
    Welcome to the site. The 130gr pills are great for the 270Win.

    As far as the scale, I haven't used that particular scale, however, I had one that was a little touchy. First thing to do is leave it on for 20-30 minutes before you calibrate it. This will let the internals come up to a consistent temperature. Secondly, turn off the A/C fan while loading.

    Measuring overall length is OK, but measuring the ogive length is better. You can do this with your calipers and a set of bullet comparators. I use the Hornady set.

    The recommendation to set your initial length to just fit the magazine is exactly correct (as long as your throat isn't short, which is highly unlikely).

    Do a couple searches here for OCW and ladder tests, this will answer a lot of the questions you will be having.

    Good luck and keep us posted with your progress,
  4. SQ Stalker

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    Jul 4, 2009
    For my .270 win, I picked a mid weight charge and varied seating depth by fairly coarse increments.

    With the best depth from there I continued to find the best charge my loading 2 rounds ea. @ +-5gr (over 6 grain spread from mid to the max of MY rifle). From there I loaded 5 shots ea. @ +-.3gr (over 2 grain spread centered around previous best charge).

    I then went back to seating depth and loaded 5 rounds ea. @ +-.005 (over .020" spread centered around previous best depth).

    I was using various brass w/ Fed 215M primers, H4831SC and 150gr Berger VLD bullets. This process seamed to work fairly well, I went from 1.5 MOA to just now getting below .75 MOA avg. Some groups at .5 MOA and a couple just below that. I've just started reloading this summer so it's all a learning process.

    I'd also 2nd the recommendation of the Hornady OAL gauge to measure bullets and seating depth from the ogive. The measurement from the tip is fairly worthless.

    Good Luck

  5. cstilt

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    Aug 19, 2009
    Thanks for the responces guys. I found some posts like AJ mentioned about ladder testing and OCW. Those were a huge help. I finally got my reloading equipment set up this evening and have preped 25 cases to start reloading when I have a bit more time.

    Tomorrow I'll spend a while determining the distance to the lands to see if that'll function through my magazine.

    I'll have to find the bullet comparators you guys mentioned. Those seem like a great idea. The local store didn't have them when I went there tonight. Guess I'll search online now.

    I'm hoping for .25-.5" groups. If I can shoot 3/4" with factory, I should be able to improve on that a bit. I hope. The BOSS was nice for tunning in factory loads, we'll see if it's a help or hinderance for handloading.


    HUAINAMACHERO Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    It looks like you are doing things the right way. Just be ordered and your reloads will come out great. I learned to reload by myself also for a 270 Win, and the results have been great, much better accuracy than with factory shots.
    I use IMR 4831, 56.5grains, with Sierra Pro hunter and Hornady SST, both in 130grains, looking forward to try in the future some Berger bullets.
    Tell us how your reloads performed, will be expecting to see results. Good luck.
  7. Freebore

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    Oct 23, 2002
    One piece of equipment that you should invest in is a Chronograph. It tells a whole story in itself when your handloading. You can get Chrony models for < $100 and it will work just find. Go to a pawn shop and get a tripod cheap.

    You might want to try some 140 grain Hornandy BTSP and RL-22 after you get that thing tune in with you 130's as something different that really drops 'em.

    Take you time and understand every step thoroughly and write everything down. I still read the manuals all the time and I've been loading 40+ years

    Good luck keep us up to date!