Question on Remington 700 PSS

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    Oct 31, 2008
    Hey everyone,
    My friend has a Rem 700 PSS in 308 that he bought about 7 years ago That I am thinking about buying. I was wondering what the overall opinion of this rifle was. I have read that the throat is a little to long. Can that be fixed with a different barrel? What kind of accuracy do you think I could get out of it and what would I need to do to get it? Also what is a fair pice for this rifle? Thanks for your help.

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    Jul 24, 2008
    I bought the same type of rifle/caliber a year ago and was very satisfied with it. With handloads I was able to get groups from .2 to .6 MOA (various bullets and powders). I'm not sure if they are all made with a long throat (considering manufactures want to cover their butts, they probably did), but mine had a long free bore. I was seating some bullet with a COAL out to 3.15", too long to magazine feed and the bullets were kissing the lands. You can rebarrel it, which is usually a good choice because you get a better quality barrel and can have it reamed to your specs of what you want, or you can just re-ream the barrel which will take an inch or two off the length and shorten the free bore.

    I just shot my factory barrel out to get the most of it and now I'm rechambering it to a different cartidge. Which is something you can look into later.

    As for the value, if you can find them they usually run around $600-800 in that caliber that I have seen, this is just for bare rifle. If it has accessories, as mine did, the price will be higher.

    As for work to it, I would suggest pillar and glass bedding, a new lighter trigger, trueing the action, and completely free floating the barrel (if it isn't already).