Question for a Optometrist

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    Jul 20, 2011
    So anyways, I went to the eye doctor yesterday. Had a few minor spots on my eye, nothing that wouldn't go away on its own. The Dr. wrote me a script for some drops, no big deal, all was well until it came time to pay. I have pretty decent insurance, my exam is covered, usually only pay 30$ for a contact fitting fee and I get 150$ toward contacts or lenses. Well the twit checking me out says ok it's 40$. Me knowing what my insurance covers I say well I only pay 30$. She goes and talks to the Dr. and comes back. She says well the Dr. Is treating you. I said to her so he is charging me to write my a script? I said this s BS and gave her the script back. She goes and gets him, he comes out. Blah Blah Blah......a few words later he is all in hs feelings and I left. My question is this, is it normal to charge for something like this? I know it was a matter of 10$, however, it was the principal of the matter! I did not think it was right!