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    Feb 3, 2009
    Hey Guys I have a question for you. First I went to the range with a few test strings. One loaded with H-1000 and BR2 primers the other loaded with H-1000 with magnum primers. All groups were smaller with the mag primers. I was shooting at 150yrds and the smallest group measured .669. So the question is, is it the primer that you use determined by the caliber you are reloading for (300 Win Mag) or the powder you are using? Like R-22 or H-1000 that are "magnum" powders. For instance if you used h-1000 in a 25-06 would it be wise to try the magnum primer. (the funny part is i also had some H4831 loaded both ways that seemed to shoot better with the BR2's).

    thanks for your input!
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    Apr 11, 2009
    Nice catch. Not everyone will look at changing primers when load testing.
    As for your question: Both.

    In my experience H1000 is a SLOW burning powder and wants a hotter primer to get it going. In contrast H4831 burns considerably faster and in a '06 case may be happier with a cooler primer.

    The 300 WM has a lot of powder to ignite so this should influence your choice. I have often used Federal 210 and RL 22 in my 300WM summer loads and Fed 215 and RL 22 in my 300WM winter loads. If I had chosen Hogden Extreme powder I might not have needed to have summer and winter loads. :D

    You have asked a really broad question. I have offered a really small response.

    Happy shooting gun)

    JM .02