Prvi Partizan Brass Cases - Your Experience?

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  1. CentreHit

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    Jul 24, 2008
    Hi guys,

    I would like to hear some experiences with Prvi Partizan brass cases please.

    • What's the quality like (compared with Winchester, Lapau e.t.c.)
    • Worth the purchase and shipping hassle?
    • How many reloads did you get out of them?
    • What are the primer pockets like (too large and loose and too deep?)
    I realise there was a thread made on this product/brand back in 2003, can be seen here. But, that was five years ago - quality may have improved since?

    Anyway, please provide some experience on what you think of this brand. I found some other comments in regards to it having loose and too deep primer pockets - if so I'm staying clear and give it a miss.

    For the price it is cheap (which usually is an indication of quality) - might even look at the pistol brass as well...

    You can find the company web site here.