Proper way to find rifle's accuracy (MOA)???

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    Mar 8, 2008
    Can you guys please explain how to (or point me to the info) find out the true accuracy of my rifle? I want to minimize shooter interference so that I can find out my rifle's true grouping potential at 100 yards. Do you guys use a padded vice to put the gun in, or just sandbags, etc? Any and all info is greatly appreciated - thx!
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    Nov 5, 2007
    A fellow MS resident! Nice to have you on the forum. There are alot of very smart people on this forum and you are definitely in for some good advice. I am not as knowledgable as some people hear but I use a bipod and a sand bag when trying to get my best groups at 100 yards. Laying on the ground is where I am steadiest. A light crisp trigger is also worth it's weight in gold..


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    There are many ways to reduce shooter influence/interference with a shot. That doesn't mean they will all produce the best accuracy.

    Some people use a lead sled, some use a front rest with rear bag, some use a bipod with a rear bag or their hand. Probably the potential for the most accurate with the least shooter interference would be a bench rest with front rest and rear bag shooting free recoil but if you try that just remember to watch your eyebrow.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Whatever method you find, and you might want to try several, that gives you your best accuracy may not be the one that simulates field type shooting and your accuracy and point of aim may shift and change with the different methods. You can, by trial and error, determine if you achieve the best potential accuract with a bench rest or a bipod off of the ground. You should then also try the way you will shoot in the field because things change.

    Long story short, a bench rest, with proper techniques will probably give you the most potential accuracy. In your case you may find that something like a lead sled gives you the best group potential, you may find a good front rest and rear bag is the best. Do what gives you the best results.
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    I agree 100% with the free recoil method,off a benchrest with either a bipod or benchrest at the front and a sandbag at the rear.This set up controls the rifle with the least amount of 'shooter' influence,and YES you will have to be careful with your EYEBROW if you have a big kicker!
    Prone with a bipod works 2nd best for me,but you have to be even more careful wtih your EYEBROW,especially when using a rear bag.
    Just my opinion,it may not work for all.
    PS The only way to get 'readable' info from groups for accuracy is 4, 5 shot groups and average them.You MUST measure 'centre to centre' for this to be wothwhile!
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