PrimaryArms 4-14x44 FFP info? (vs SWFA 3-15x42 FFP)

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    Jan 27, 2014
    I recently completed building my newest rifle, an AR-15 platform in 6.5 Grendel (NiB upper/BCG, 20” AA bbl, Geissele SSAE trigger, Magpul PRS, Todd Jarrett free-float tube). I am hoping to play around at longer ranges with this, and am in the market for a scope. I have been doing a lot of research over the past year and a half while I sourced parts for the gun and waited for them to get delivered, and had pretty much settled on the SWFA SuperSniper 3-15x42 FFP tactical scope (SWFA SS 3-15x42 Tactical Rifle Scope). I am just getting into the medium/long range game, and am looking for a more ‘budget-minded’ scope (inasmuch as such a thing exists). The SWFA has a lot of the features I like (most notably FFP) and comes with a good reputation and reviews at a reasonable price (about $700). After finally taking my gun out to the range for the first time last weekend and getting frustrated playing around with iron sights, I was all set to place an order for the SWFA when a friend mentioned to me that there is a scope sold by Primary Arms that is getting some good feedback, a 4-14x44 mil-mil FFP (Primary Arms 4-14X44 Mil Mil FFP Scope - First Focal Plane - Mil Turret - Mil Reticle Scope) . As the price for this is only $230, I was very interested. The specs on the scopes seem pretty similar to my un-trained eye, but with that drastic of a price differential, I assume there are going to be deficits somewhere… glass/optical quality, turret adjustments, other features, durability, etc. Unfortunately in all my web-scouring I haven’t found any particularly in-depth reviews of the Primary Arms scope… just some cursory “shot it at the range yesterday and it worked well. Tracked good too. Not a bad scope” kind of reviews. Was hoping some of the experts here might have some more details regarding optics/glass quality, etc. Yes I know that with optics you get what you pay for, and yes, this Primary Arms scope is made in china, but Primary arms has a reputation (at least with their red-dot sights) of bringing really quality pieces to market at a great price. I have one of their red-dots that has survived a LOT of abuse I’ve thrown its way. I’m not afraid to drop the money on the SWFA scope, but if I can get one that’s 85% the quality for 1/3rd of the price, that would be an option worth looking into. Thanks for any help!
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    Jun 27, 2012
    I would say that the primary arms scope is made by BSA and midway has it for 249. The reviews are very good for this scope so you cannot go wrong and you could get two and have over 200 left for what the SWFA costs