Pressure question on max charge?

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    Jan 21, 2007
    I was doing some load development in my 7mm mag using RL22 and 160 accubonds, I checked a few books and started at 65grs and went past max at 67grs. So my velocity at 65gr was 2843 5 shot average, 65.5 gr shot up to 2990av. could not figure out why? Any Suggestions? Next 66gr back down to 2886 av. and my group shrank to.250" shots, great!Then went a touch over max to 66.5grs and speed was 2933 and it opened up some, next went up to 67grs and my group for 3 shots went into .153" excellent again but the other 2 shots opened a bit, my error I think. I see that most everyone pushes their speed to 3050 alot of times,is it safe for me to go a little higher like to 68 grs of RL22? Have not seen any pressure signs like sticky bolt.My barrel is also 26 inches long and the gun is a Sauer202, What are your experiences with the first situation of a jump of velocity? And is velocity a safe way to gauge if your getting near max? Because book velocity does not match my numbers.
    Thank you
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    What are the extreme spreads and standard deveations of your loads?These will usually indicate where the balance of that load is.I have found that a slower powder will give higher velosity with out getting into pressure problems.My own 7mm mag likes H870(no longer available) but there is a powder available from Thunder bird ctg co. in Arizona that I think is the same thing.Maybe the new Hodgdon H 869 might get the same performance.My old load for reference is 79.5 gr of H870,160 gr bullet=3100 fpsin a 26"Ruger #1