Preacher's son

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    Another email

    A preacher decided to test his teenage son. He couldn't get the boy to decide what he wanted to do when he got out of high school. While the boy was outside, he put a bible, a silver dollar, a bottle of whiskey, and a playboy on his bed. He thought if the boy picks up the bible, he'll be a preacher like me. If he picks up the dollar, he'll be a businessman. If he picks up the bottle, he'll be a drunk. If he picks up the playboy, he'll be a worthless skirt-chaser. Hearing his son coming, he hid and watched. The boy came in, put the bible under his arm, put the dollar in his pocket, took a big slug from the bottle, and studied the centerfold intently.

    Oh Lord, the preacher thought, he's going to be in the U. S. Congress.