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    Oct 7, 2012
    ok so I just go into reloading, and I bought a lee classic reloader, the one that is completely manual.....not a press..........but anyway it came with a powder dipper that is measured at 2.2 cubic centimeters........the charge table it came with did not tell me what the velocity would be on a 55 grain .22-250 bullet with hodgdon varget.....which is the powder i want to use, so i went on to hodgdon's website and saw the maximum and starting charges and the corresponding velocities.......however, they did not give me a charge for the velocity i want which is around 3550 fps....... this is below max fyi how can i figure out the amount of powder i need to charge to the case if i am to attain this velocity?
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    Aug 10, 2003
    Reloading manual

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    If you want to use a dipper and forego a scale, you need to be a ways down to make sure you are safe. That's why you get a 2.2 cc measure. It should toss about 30.1 grains varget pulled through and leveled off, but could easily toss a grain or two more if somehow compressed or the powder is off a bit density wise. If your measure was at max. you could run into trouble quick if you weren't perfect. The top load for varget with a 55 in a 22-250 is 36.5 grain. I'd get a scale and start to invest in other tools starting with a trimmer, press, etc.. There is a lot of data for common calibers on the net, just make sure it isn't redneck data.
    Have fun and stay safe.
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    Dec 18, 2010
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    those tools are fun and a great way to get your feet wet. BUT, only use the dipper that came with it and follow the instruction religously!
    My advice if you want to get a set up at a good price go to www.titanreloading.com and get the lee breachblock chalanger kit $105.00 it has all you need exetp the dies the delux 3 die sets are around $33.00
    I have a challanger kit that I got 15 years ago still useing it and still happy with it. A good bang for your buck pardon the pun