Pope obuma ?

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    May 2, 2004
    WASHINGTON, DC - Sources close to the White House have learned that Barack Obama is
    planning to run for the office of Pope when the College of Cardinals convenes to
    elect a successor to ailing Benedict XVI at the end of this month.

    Calling on the promise of Equality for All, Obama is said to firmly believe that
    the time has come for a non-Catholic to occupy the Vatican's highest office.
    Foreseeing a looming citizenship issue he states that he has discovered an Italian
    birth certificate that proves he was born in Rome before he was born in Kenya.
    "That Hawaiian birth certificate never has been worth what I paid for it
    anyway", he noted.

    Continuing, he concluded, "And there's no way that a handful of cardinals could be
    more expensive to buy than 10 million voters in Michigan."

    Further questions should be directed to Obama's Papal Campaign Manager, Abdul Azeem
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    May 14, 2009
    Now that is alot better than the other one!:)