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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by scsims, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. scsims

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    Dec 10, 2007
    I have a 270 Rem 700 I bought when I was 16 and I'm 32 now so I've had it for while. In the beginning it shot horrible but I didn't care as lohng as it could hit a whitetail at less than 100 yards.

    Then I got into reloading and that took the gun from 3-4 inch 100 yard groups down to 1 MOA fairly consistanly.

    Now I only have about 600 rounds through it in 16 years and am looking to get a little better accuracy. So I free floated the barrel by removing all the wood touching the barrel back to the recoil lug. And I got a pillar bed kit off ebay. It came with a Devcon 2 ton epoxy kit and pillars. I know this is only to set the pillars, but it didn't come with the materials to finish the bedding of the stock.

    Can I pillar bed it without glass bedding it?

    What do I need to do?

  2. royinidaho

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    Jan 20, 2004
    The process can be two steps. First Pillar bed. Then skim bed. What you do is up to you but I would recommend both.

    Follow the instructions for both. If instructions are not clear, Kirby posted the process on the forum awhile back.

    Another 2 cents worth would be to give the rifle a good cleaning removing all copper fouling from the bore. That is if it hasn't already been done.

  3. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    Yea I agree with Roy , if your gonna go through the hassel you might as well bed the whole action with the pillers , its not realy needed if the gun is piller bedded right but it will help as piller bedding the gun and not bedding behind the lug will makes the action screws act as shear points and thats bad!!

    As for bedding material , I personaly like Devcon plastic steel putty , it doesen't run all over and risk possible sags and voids in your bedding due to it creeping out. You can also use JB Weld , Marine Tex and so on.

    I like to use a counter bore to make the holes for my pillers ,generaly 9/19" , then I ue a 3/4" counter bore and run it about 1/8" -1/4" down in the action side of the stock so it leaves some relife around the piller. Use the epoxy in the kit to bed the pillers in place after a day take the action out and remove a good bit of material around the pillers whhere the action was resting , this new voind will be filled with bedding compound .

    You can also have the lugs lapped a little for a better contact and thave the crown recut , after 16 yrs I'm sure their are a few little dings you can't see. Generaly a good bedding job , a good trigger job and a new crown will bring a good old minute of deer rifle to a decient shooting rig.
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    Jan 18, 2007
    You might want to look at this article. Richard Franklin does it all at one time (pillars and action). I have used this method on two stocks and was very pleased with the results. I did have to read the article about four times before the whole process sunk into my thick skull. But thats just me.

    Stress-Free Pillar Bedding

    Good Luck