Picatinny style base and ring installation

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by J E Custom, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Jul 29, 2004
    The proper way to install this system seems simple, but there are things that can be done
    that will assure better performance of the system.

    1=first install the base using 222 Loctite low strength or the blue Loctite. If you want to you can add
    a small dab of bedding compound under each end of the base at this time.(Wipe off any excess
    before it hardens).

    2=Torque the base screws @ 20 inch pounds.

    3=Place the rings at the location and spacing that best fits your scope and snug them down (Not

    4=Paint or match mark the rings so they go back the same way (Some are bored and then cut
    and they fit better), remove the top half of the rings and lay the scope in the lower half.

    5=Move the scope forward or backward to get the optimum eye relief and then level it up.

    6=Place the top half of the ring(In the proper lower half and make the screws up snug.

    7=Loosen the ring to base screws just enough to let the ring align to the scope and now you
    can tighten the scope ring screws Handy.

    8=Push the scope and rings forward to remove any slack between the bases and the Picatinny
    base slots.

    9= Now you can tighten the ring to base screws at the manufactures recommended torque.

    10= With these screws tight you can go back and loosen the ring screws to make any final
    adjustments without damaging the scope. (Should prevent ring marks)

    11=You can now take the scope off, and as long as you push the scope and rings forward each
    time you place it back on the base, recoil should not move it, changing your POI.

    It may sound complicated but it isn't and it makes everything very repeatable. And after a while
    it becomes second nature.

    There is a torque spec for all of the screws on a rifle. If you do a search for "Torque Recommendations"

    This is just the way I do it and I'm sure it is not the only way, but it works for me and might for others.

    Maybe this will help those that are new to picatinny installations.

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    Apr 18, 2010
    I have some beautiful Beuhler split rings on my K14. What a pain in the rear to work with!

    I wish I had discovered picatinny 30 years ago. Clean and simple.

    Thanks for the post.