Petition in support of bc grizzly hunt

Discussion in 'Bear Hunting' started by NW Hunter, Apr 10, 2012.

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    Jan 29, 2010
    Hey All,

    Please take a few minutes to look at this petition and sign it in SUPPORT of the BC Grizzly Bear hunt. The anti-hunters have been running petitions to shut this hunt down and have a strong 17,000 people who have signed it. They have the media's attention and with the way the NDP party in BC is looking, if they get into power there is a strong chance they will listen to that calling.

    Take the time and sign this petition and pass it along to everyone you know involved in hunting. Pass it to outfitters, residents, non-residents, etc, etc.

    This petition was started last night and we've got the train rolling down the tracks. Its going to take a lot of work and sharing this around to get it built up, but our voice needs to be heard as loudly as the anti-hunters. Its happened in Alberta and every hunter needs to show the numbers and the amount of support we can raise...

    Pass it on.

    Support the BC Grizzly Hunt Petition