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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JR, Dec 15, 2005.

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Just been reading some of the crap being sowed on the forum..Pete, all I can say is ha!!

    Now most of youse guys whove been round SC duty roster and this forum the past few years know Pete is golden..I know him in person. Most genuine individual I know to date..Would lie down in traffic for the guy, without question..He's been there done that, and still strives for better than, on a daily basis..

    When I hear some candyass is giving my mate Pete 'a bollockin' because he ain't from your side of the pond, gets my tits up..I am from your side of the pond, almost embarassed to admit I'm from the same side of the earth as such an idiot, and I tell you what boy, we could use a lot more Pete Lincolns stateside....God help us though, think of all the blonde haired sticky out eared offspring..

    I'll tell you this, when it comes to building guns, doesn't get better than Pete Lincoln..I've done nothing but build match grade barrels and rifles for a living the past 12 years, and have never disputed his experience and expertise..And he does it with that level of professionalism and candid discussion that makes it all worth while...

    Pete doesn't speak or type to hear the sweet sound of his own voice..More than I can say for the trolls...He knows his stuff..Listen and learn.