Pentax Gameseeker Riflescope Sale

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    Dec 3, 2007
    Pentax Gameseeker Riflescope Sale
    We had such a great response to the Pentax Gameseeker Essentials Kit sale that we ran that we contacted Pentax to see if we could arrange something on the rest of the Gameseeker Riflescope line.
    This is what we came up with:
    Pentax Gameseeker 4x32 Fixed Power #89706 (PP) for $64.99
    Pentax Gameseeker 6x32 Fixed Power #89707 (PP) for $74.99
    Pentax Gameseeker 1.75-5x20 #89718 (PP) for $64.99
    Your Choice of the Pentax Gameseeker 3-9x40 #89719 (P) or the MO Brush Camo Version #89721 (P) for $74.99
    Pentax Gameseeker 3.5-10x50 #89714 (PP) for $79.99
    Your Choice of the Pentax Gameseeker 4-12x40 #89712 (PP) or the (P) Version #89720 (P) for $69.99
    Pentax Gameseeker 2.5-10x56 #89716 (PP) for $99.99
    The (PP) is the Precision Plex Reticle. This is based on the popular Ballistic Plex Reticle and designed to compensate for bullet drop as the distance to your target increases. It adds a yardage estimation system to help determine that distance.
    The (P) is the Penta Plex Reticle. Four heavy posts are easily seen in any light. Fine crosshairs in the center allow for perfect shot placement.
    Please feel free to give a call with any questions.