PDA's and Ballistic Calculators

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    PDA\'s and Ballistic Calculators

    I have a very basic question on this topic and I haven't been able to extract the answer out of some of the existing threads here.

    I'd like to get a Ballistic Calculator program for a PDA. I don't want to spend a ton of money on the PDA because I'd rather spend it on shooting. I was looking at a Palm Z22 with 32 MB. Does anyone know if there are Ballistic Calculators that will run on that PDA and if so, where can I find a program?

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    Re: PDA\'s and Ballistic Calculators

    My son and I have been running Art Pesja's program on used/ rebuilt Palm pda's for two years or more , each. The Palm's are on e-bay and have ample room in memory for the HOrus program and bunch of other sutff like address book as well. Put them in a Pelican case ( Sinclair ) and you are bullet proof. Cordialy, Overbore

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    Re: PDA\'s and Ballistic Calculators

    Professor Pesja has some interesting history. Besides being awarded the Science Award (1990)
    Department of Physics and Astronomy Award for Academic Excellence (1990)
    Phi Kappa Phi (1990,1991)
    Chancellor's Leadership Award (1991)
    He also served in WWll as an Army Air Corp Officer with 20th as a B-29 pilot, from 1943-45; Karaghpur, India, 1944-45; Tinian (Mariana Islands), 1945

    His software/Code as well as the Pocket PC's (windows mobile platform) are currently provided by Cheytac to the US Navy by contract. There is a reason why the Navy, Army and Marine Corps utilize the Pocket PC's and not the Palm OS.

    His equations are also in use by the Lex Talus Corporations who have authored and provide their ballistic targeting software, “Field Firing Solutions,” which also run on the Windows Mobile Platform / Pocket PC.

    Night Force's Ballistic Targeting software was authored by Mr. Gerald Perry who is a University of Michigan graduate, an active shooter, and a proud member of the NRA for over forty years. He has a long standing interest in ballistics, ranging from theoretical first principles to a practical desire to achieve the optimum. Night Force Balistic Targeting Software is based on an empirical data model that he developed to fit the bullet manufacturer’s trajectory data thirty years ago and has been improving upon it continuously. Night Force Ballistic Softare is another Hot software that I recommend, utilize and sell along with the professional grade "TDS Recon" Pocket PC's. Night Force and the Recon make for an incredible field worthy package written by credible field worthy indiviuals.