Part 2 55gr Bergers vs 8" twist 22/250AI

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Iron Worker, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Apr 3, 2004
    I fired 4 55gr Berger Match out of 22/250AI "8" twist 5R cut rifled BBL today at rifle range.I have 4x16x40 4200 Bushnell elite. Shooting at BR 1" squares at 100 yards. Fired 2 rnds couldn't see the holes assumed I was hitting the black square. Fired a 3rd shot and I hit left of square, Fired 4th round once again couldn't see bullet hole. OK thinking to my self" I've done I've found the perfect load and I walk up to target and I count @#$%^&*()(^&%$@# 1 single bullet hole the rest fragmented in flight. So Berger 55gr Bullets won't survive a 8" twist BBL. Oh and I was really disappointed because I clocked them through my Chronny at 3,980 FPS. Thats 44 grs of W-W 760 powder. Also shot Nosler BT and Sierra Blitz king and had no fragmentation at all. Interesting is same load but both bullets shot at about 3,900 average that's 80 FPS slower.Another thing is this rifle is a Cooper Classic sporter BBL and stock. I must place the stock for arm on the sand bags right at the checkering not at the tip of the stock because if I do POI shifts frustrating the hell out of me.