Parrie Poodle Safari in South Dakota next week.

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    Sep 30, 2004
    Next week is my 4 day poodle Safari! I'm taking some new rounds to test.

    Has anyone shot the Barnes Varminator 58 or 72 grain HP 243's? These are both sub 300 yard rounds. They were only $11.00 per 100

    I just bought a few hundred of each today. Last year in one long hard day my bud and I went through 500 rounds. I'm also taking my 270 AI with a new 115 grain HPBT load.

    I've got 6X24 30mm tubes with 56 mm on both rifles and tuned them in on the bench rest out to 600 yards. I have 105 BT's for the 243 and 150 bt's for the .277 for the longer shots.

    We go out and install different colors of wind flags at 300, 400, 500, 600 yards in an arc from the shooting spot. So you don't have to try laser range finding the long shots to figure out wind drift and bullet drop. I've got all my bullets chroned and printed out the ballistic charts for the expected weather and elevation. Then it's just a mater of dialing in the scopes for each shot based on the distance flags and what wind you see on the flags.

    We use a shooting bench with sand bags. With three rifles each you can keep up a pretty good rate of fire