Panther Takes a yote FMJ, 308 147 gr

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    Oct 19, 2011
    Oh Yea ! LOL On the first hunt I took my new rifle and it was wickedgun)

    I called 2 yotes out into a trail .... This was right after a rain the night before, it was about 10 am , no wind blowing, perfect. We started working some trails. We would make a few calls and wait for about 5 or 10 minutes , then move. I moved a few steps and around a bend in the trail. I could see this yote about 60 yards away, looking for his meal. He was standing straight up and looking into brush away from me; he never saw me.
    It was one of those shots you can’t miss him in cross hairs and bingo! DPMS 7.62, 147 FMJ ... He went straight up in the air and did a summersault .. that was it. I never saw the second one, because it was behind him in a dip, in the trail, but I saw its tracks. Man it was wild!

    later on , about 200 yards from there, I started calling again from cover. My partner (grandson) saw one come out, about 100 yards away on the edge of the woods. That time I had the MO JO doing its thing in the field. The yote jumped back into cover. Before that, something came near us and started growling; Dillon jumped up and ran out into the open to get a shot with his shotgun, at something he couldn't see. LMAO ! He got excited I guess, and I motioned him back, told him to wait on stuff like that, to not expose himself in the open. LOL
    The MO JO was working and my calling was good, so our best chance was to stay hidden and wait. Our longest shots in this area was about 150 yards at best.
    Still we had a good hunt with one yote down, and my Grandson was with me.
    This was the first time I hunted with the Panther™ LR-308L 18” barrel 308/7.62 NATO AR rifle and I had a single point sling on it;
    it was comfortable to carry and easy to bring into action fast.

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