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    I might have missed it in other posts that i have been able to find about painting rifle, but I am about to apply some paint to my varmint rifle and am wondering how much of the action etc. it would be safe to paint. Can i get into trouble if i paint everything but the trigger assembly and inside the chamber itself. How about the bolt. Can it be painted as well. It seems that i could paint all surfaces that do not have bearing surfaces or moving parts. Any thoughts or do i just stuff cottom or paper in chamber and end of barrel, remove bolt and trigger and paint away. Any info would be helpful. The rifle in questions is a Winchester Heavy Varmint. I am also looking at the Brownell Alumahyde II.
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    First there's a bit of a difference between the generic word Paint and Alumahyde II. I'm a bit less concerned after reading the whole post.

    The little orange moldable ear plugs work great for plugging the muzzle. (J.E. Custom pointer)

    If it were me doing it I'd "paint" everything visible with the bolt inserted. That is I'd paint the bolt but not the lugs. I'd paint the outside of the action after having removed the trigger. I'd fill the chamber right out to the front of the magazine and mask off any bearing surfaces and the left inside of the action.

    I'd remove the bolt innards prior to painting also.

    Go here:

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    Give it a go and show us a pic. We need more reports on durability etc.
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