PacNor Barrel Super Match Grade Stainless and other items

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    308 caliber, 1:8 twist, 6 groove, 40 inches long, 1.7 diameter. Never used still in the white. $400.00 plus shipping (appx 26lb weight). Purchased for project gun which is still to far off for completion or even contemplating it at this junction in time.

    Remington 788 308 caliber, stock needs refinishing, canjar trigger fully adjustable $350.00

    Remington 700 7mm mag, barreled action good donor rifle for project $350.00

    Remington 700 stainless action milled magazine well to accomodate longer rounds mag bolt face and trigger $600.00

    Remington 721 308 caliber partial 308 chambering, Shilen Select match 1:10 twist 1.25 bull barrel (barrel in the white except for appx 5 inches on breach end) 30 inches long $500.00 action has been drilled for nra highpower site and clip slotted no trigger, chrome or polished bolt handle no stippling/checkering on the bolt knob !!has never been fired!!

    All actions are right handed.

    Clymer 308 national match no freebore reamer used once see above rifle. $120.00

    7mm STW Clymer reamer .075 thou freebore $120.00 used three times

    300 rum reamer Clymer, and 308 throater reamer used once no freebore $150.00

    338 Rum reamer no freebore never used $135.00

    243 Winchester reamer Clymer or Dave Manson $100.00

    All reamers are solid pilots.

    Choate Ultimate Varmint right hand SA Rem 700 Stock $100.00
    Choate Ultimate Sniper LA right hand Rem 700 Stock original first run of stock does not have forearm support and has been filled with aircraft metal bonding resin to re-enforce the forearm area $50.00
    Zero Laminate Rem 700 SA stock from Brownells never used $145.00

    Rem 700 LA right hand mag bolt face BOLT ONLY stainless $135.00


    Or $2950.00 plus shipping for everything, there are some other items such as trigger parts, trigger gards, floor plates, screws etc. I will thrown in for free if you buy it all.

    I have to many projects, and guns and my projects arent getting finished as I would like to see them so I am selling bascially all the stuff I have that wont be used for a long long time. Plus I'd like to get out of some debt and get some other stuff other than gun stuff.

    Personal checks accepted provided they clear so a waiting period will be started on personal checks, cashiers check or money order. No paypal.

    Thanks for viewing.
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    BTT Come on fellas lotta good deals or make your best offer.
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    Jul 8, 2003
    What does one do with an 8tw 40" 1.7" 30cal barrel? What WAS your project idea?

    good luck,
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    Feb 15, 2005
    jr100%bs (LOL)I still laugh about that; i think it was some thing in the neighborhood of 30-577 t-rex. the case has @ 165 gr water capicty. It started out to prove lost river bullets was a bunch of crap. the dies to neck it down were @ $1100 plus finding an action for the .690 head case was costly as well.
    He might pipe in and give some more details.

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    Re: PacNor Barrel Super Match Grade Stainless

    I've got a .300 Whisper reamer that I'd like to use for the first half of the barrel's length.... Anyone have any use for the remaining 20 inches... Perhaps we could each buy half? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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    Re: PacNor Barrel Super Match Grade Stainless

    Email sent regarding choate ultimate varmint stock