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  1. Blacktail

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    May 12, 2006
    I recently had a 300 wsm built as a pack gun. 24" pacnor 3 conture fluted, Mcmillan stock etc. I topped it with a 2x9x42 swaro for weight. It is fairly light but have to be honest frustrated with load development. Hard to get the bullet seated out yet still fit in magazine. Plus i already hve a buyer for the gun that will pay me what i paid. I have an original Tikka in 300 win mag with a 24" that shoot fairly well stock. I am thinking about having an ultralight stock put on like a Mcmillan edge, maybe mcmillan classic with less fill or even an HS. Any thoughts on stocks? But curious since it will be a mule deer/blacktail pack gun if you guys think i can get 150 or 165/168's to shoot well in the gun. I figure that would be pretty flat shooting. Tikka lists the 300 win as a twist rate of 1:11. Thanks fellas.
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    Feb 7, 2005
    IF your dead set on selling the WSM I would work on seating the bullet a little deeper, as in most cases there are at least two sweet spots for seating depth. My huntin partner is shooting a 300 RUM with Bergers seated over .100" off the lands and it shoots around an inch at 300yds. when the wind is right. Most times you hear they shoot the best seated into the lands. His shootes them great into or way off but he prefers to have them be able to fit the magazine as well. It's at least worth the try if your possibly keeping the rifle.

    If you already sold it and are working on the other, I would suggest that the 150 Barnes TSX or 150 AB's, and if you look over on the Berger site they list the preferred twist for their .308 bullets up to 210grs with an 11 twist or slower so you should be fine. The end result is going to be which ever load the rifle prefers.

    Good luck

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    Jan 29, 2008
    if your still trying to shoot the wsm,my hunting partner uses hornady 165 interbonds seated at 2.825 with RL 19. this has been very accurate and versitile(yote's to elk have fallen to this load)load wich just fits in a rem mag well, if you have a rem you could also install a wyate wag box and get more leingth. it also fallows the tds retical zeroed at 300 yards extremely well. good luck either way.
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    Feb 11, 2008
    41 mag -

    Try the barnes tsx 165 grain. Its designed especially for your caliber. Quote from the BARNES BULLET POSTER,
    "#30843 - The 30 cal 165 gr TSX incorporates a shorter tangent ogive into the nose profile. It’s designed for cartridges with short magazines such as the 300 WSM and 300 Win Mag."