Optimal barrel length on 300WinMag

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  1. dr_duzy

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    Aug 9, 2007
    Hello everybody, it's a pleasure to join this forum.

    I recently got a Remington 700 300WinMag action and I am going to barrel it with Lothar Walther Big bull barrel (I live in Europe). I would appreciate your opinion regarding the optimal barrel length/muzzle diameter for this caliber/action. I will use this gear at the range only, so weight is no issue.

    Thanks for help.


  2. coalcreeker

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    Aug 21, 2008
    I have a Rem Sendero in 300 WM. I'm thinking of cutting the 26" barrel down to 22". I may or I may not. My reasoning is because of some posts over at another site: snipercentral.com. A company called Tac Ops has done some tests where a barrell was cut down in 1" increments to see at what length the muzzel velocity began to go down. For 308, the length was anything below 20 ". For 300 WM, the length was anything below 22". They also reported that groups tended to tighten up with the shorter barrel. I think the logic is that a shorter barrel is stiffer, thereby having less whip?

    Anyway, Tac Ops builds precision rifles, uses only Kreiger barrels and gives a .25 MOA guarantee. One fellow I've been in contact with over at snipercentral cut his 300 WM Sendero down from 26" to 20" and he tells me that his groups indeed tightened up. He tells me he has shot half inch groups at 200 yards with this rifle.

    I haven't gotten to shoot my Sendero yet so I won't do anything till I know how she shoots.:cool: