Optical boosters

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    Oct 14, 2004
    in 2X or 3X flavor for about $100 may be found at the 6mm forum. These are screw-in's ( as opposed to screw -up's) that have been used with great success on match winners scopes. Please verify the brands they fit as my memory is around here somewhere---. Cordially, Overbore
  2. 1kstr

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    Dec 20, 2006
    optical booster

    I just emailed Gene Davis concerning them for a Weaver T36 I have coming and he said they are $100. Here is what Benchrest.com in the scope classifieds has listed for them.

    "Now available for LCS, Weaver T, Sightron BR, Nightforce BR and soon March. 3 years of engineering resulted in our Re-engineered base curve, Precision ground, dual poly carbonate hybrid Carl Zeiss lens with anti-scratch coatings, coupled with a #3 optical magnification. Precise placement to sight picture optimizes your scopes ability to reduce parallax and mirage. The booster presents a sight picture that is boosted in clarity to a much higher level compared to optics without this booster... The housing is CNC machined from 60-61 aluminum that has been custom designed for each individual model of scope. When it comes to competitive shooting, and you are competing against these boosters without one, then you are handicapped beyond comparison."

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    Jun 13, 2007
    Two of us shot them on our guns at the IBS 1000 yard nationals this weekend. About 20-30 other shooters looked at them and are ordering asap. Everyone loved them and want their own.

    I was using the 3x for the NF. It really cleared up the haze and definitely gave the power boost. I was using in the 8-32s and supposedly they take them up to around 45x.