Opinions of the 338 RUM

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  1. CPerkins

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    Oct 23, 2006
    I am not really familiar with cartrige and would like some info from those of you who are. What kind of muzzle velocities are you getting, and how far do you think that this round could be ethically fired at game animals? I am strictly a whitetail hunter at the moment and I know that it's range will far exceed the places I hunt now, but I would like to know before I decide on a new gun.
  2. royinidaho

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    Jan 20, 2004

    Seeing as I have just completed a self project of rebarraling a REM 700 338 Win with a new REM sporter 26" 338 RUM barrel I feel ok w/commenting.

    The RUM will out do the Win velocity wise by 100+ fps MV with HOT loads in the Win and mild loads in the RUM.

    I shoot the 300gr SMK in the RUM @ 2730 MV. With a BC of 0.7+ ~5000 feet elevation and higher it will do in a deer at any distance you can hit it.

    With US 869 the 300 SMK is very very accurate and with the muzzle brake very very pleasant to shoot. 225s and 250s were great in the Win and so so in the RUM. This RUM really shines with the 300SMK.

    I am comfortable out to around 800 yds with the rifle but will gain some distance through a little more practice. I'm figuring maybe a 900 yd max due to steadiness of the sporter weight and comfortability with the scope that I have on it.


  3. 338thunder

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    Dec 24, 2003
    Hello Cody,

    Let me say it's a great round. It is what I started long range hunting with. Everybody was jumping on the fast 30 cartridges but I chose the greater ballistics and down range energy of the 338RUM. The 338RUM in my opinion is what got the 338 bandwagon rolling. Not much after it's release people realized the great potential of the caliber.Then came the 338-378 and all the wildcats. People claim theirs is better than his but none of them are really that much better than the basic 338RUM except for the huge case capacity rounds. I have the 338RUM in s SENDERO but I started with a laminated stainless. I think you would enjoy the round a little more out of a Sendero if you can find one but a regular rifle with a brake is still not to bad. Don't get me wrong there is some recoil but nothing that can't be tolerated. I have taken deer consistantly and quite easily out to 600 yards and not one of them ever took another step after being hit. There is some damage done but nothing I would call excessive. I get right around 3000 fps using 101 grains of RETUMBO and shooting a 250 grain Sierra Match King. I know some will tell you they don't like the SMK's for hunting but they leave quite a hole!!! I have a 338-378 WBY and a 338 Lapua also but I shoot the RUM alot more. Brass is cheaper so if you reload it's little easier on the wallet. I say get the 338RUM and never look back!!! If you ever feel the need for more power you can always rebarrel to 338-300RUM or really step up and get a 338-378 or even bigger a 338 SNIPER-TAC which is based on the 505 Gibbs case.