Opinions for Richards Microfit Stocks

Discussion in 'Equipment Discussions' started by 41mag, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. 41mag

    41mag Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    I know that I read here sometime ago that someone had gotten one of these stocks. I am in the process of planning out and pieceing together a new rifle. I really like the wood stocks on a standard hunting rifle and thought I would go with one of these.

    I am also open to opinions to other brands or companies, as well as recommendations for someone who specializes in custom stocks or does stock work.

    I am pretty profecient with hand tools as well as wood working, so the minor stuff isn't to much of a deal to me, I just don't want to screw up a great looking stock just to be hard headed.

  2. sharpshooterbr

    sharpshooterbr Well-Known Member

    Aug 11, 2006
    I bought a Wildcat thumbhole in camo laminate from them a couple years ago. They claimed it was 95% inletted and just needed minor fitting. When it arrived, it was the roughest stock I had ever laid my hands on. It had huge tooling marks all over the stock, and the 95% inlet job was more like 60%. Luckily I had some experience with stock inletting and finishing, but it was still a HUGE project to get it to come out nice. Not saying there stocks aren't nice stocks when finished, it's just all the work that it takes to make them that way. I personally wouldn't recommend them. I would go with Joel Russo, he is making some very fine stocks. Just my .02 cents.

  3. heatseekins

    heatseekins Well-Known Member

    Mar 10, 2005
    I have one that I took 6 lbs off of. 90% my but. more like ya I will cut a slab of "stock" off for you.

    Its a nice benchrest stock now, but i have more work into it than i do building 10 rifles. I think i was around 80 hours or so. Rough doesnt even begin to explain it
  4. Jimm

    Jimm Writers Guild

    Jun 12, 2007
    Mike ,

    you will throw a " Macro fit " if you get one of these . Joel Russo , go there .

    Jim B.
  5. winmagman

    winmagman Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2003
    I've got a picture of two of them in the "Long range rifle thread". I know they aren't your typical hunting stock, but it gives you an idea how well they can look.

    Now the other shoe.

    When the first one showed up I almost sent it back, man it was rough, but I had never ordered any thing but a drop ins before so I thought maybe this was normal. I had to widen the recoil lug area to accept the Badger lug, the bottom metal area (Remmy Bdl)wasn't quite large enough, and the mag well wasn't quite deep enough.

    Now none of this was really major and about 2 careful hours with a Dremel remedied the problems, however I still had 35-40 hrs of work into the stock by the time I had it finished with Tru oil.

    The second one was a Remmy ADL and it was less time consumeing than the first but still required minor Dremel work.

    Overall they require alot of sanding to get really nice.

    When I do my next laminate it will be one of Joel Russos he has some very nice looking stuff and can get whatever colors your interested in. If you would like to see some of his pictures email him at jkrussos@comcast.net and ask him to send you the pictures he sent to winmagman.

    Hope this helps
  6. stxhunter

    stxhunter Well-Known Member

    Aug 15, 2006
    i emailed joel russo the other day and he replied back in less than a hr i emailed him several times with quistions and he allways replied back almost emededitly he emailed me pics of several style and colors of his stocks i'll be sending him a check tomorrow couldnt ask for better service
  7. Buffalobob

    Buffalobob Writers Guild

    Jun 12, 2001
    Joel is really nice to work with and easy to get along with. He can have the laminate made up piece by piece to you color preferences.

    His foreends are about 4 inches longer than normal which really helps with long barreled guns. Obviuosly, if you don't want it that long a saw will remedy that.

    He has quite a few more stock patterns than before. The A5 laminate is his best seller but I have a thumbhole varminter on my antelope gun. The antelope are terrified that I might bring that gun back to Wyoming again.

    If you should go with the A5L remember that Shawn Carlock makes an adjustable check piece that can be used depending on what it is your are building.
  8. 41mag

    41mag Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    WEll that narrows it down pretty well. I appreciate the help and direction.
  9. Mpvoigt

    Mpvoigt Member

    Oct 26, 2001
    I used a MicroFit stock for a basis to build a stock for duplication.

    Carl Bernosky (Camp Perry champ and friend) has made several great stocks for my tactical long range hunting rifles.

    His website is http://carlbernosky.com/customrifles.html

    The stocks are great and actually ready for bedding, final sanding and finishing.

    Carl made the Voigt Tactical for me and also has A5 stocks.

  10. Joel Russo

    Joel Russo Official LRH Sponsor

    Jul 5, 2006

    E-mail sent.
  11. rotorhead

    rotorhead Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2005
    I just ordered a set of stock for an old 30-30 I have from Boyd's I'll let you know how it turns out.

  12. nifrand

    nifrand Well-Known Member

    Jul 14, 2012
    I have a friend that just took delivery of one of Richards and is fit to be tied.He is the son of an old time gunsmith and does great work him self.I was going to order one of the Expo grades for my 257 AI.Now I don't know.
  13. Brewer

    Brewer Well-Known Member

    Oct 2, 2013
    I took delivery on a thumbhole benchrest stock about 6 months ago and need to send it on to a real stockmaker to have it finished. its really rough. really rough. if I were doing it again, id just start with a custom guy. my$0.02 :rolleyes:
  14. Skyfix

    Skyfix New Member

    Oct 23, 2014

    I would strongly agree with you about Richards Microfit Stocks being very rough!

    In addition, I have had horrible customer service from Richards Microfit Stocks.

    Recently, I ordered a Dual Grip Thumb-Hole Stock for a Savage 110. After an 82 day wait, they shipped a Straight-Line thumb-hole style stock.


    I did not order a Straight-Line Thumb-Hole style stock!

    At the time of my initial order, they claimed there would be a 99% fit with my Savage 110 which might require some minor sanding. I don't know whose order was shipped but the stock that was sent did not fit my rifle. I estimate that what they shipped was a 70% fit if that much. It is my opinion that they did not setup the CNC to cut out a inlet for a Savage 110 because it was a so poorly done!

    Whoever was operating the CNC machine had no idea as to what they were doing!

    There was no quality control on Richards Microfit Stocks. Nobody checked to see if the order was correct before they shipped the stock. There was deep gouges in the wood, (which I could have dealt with.) The L.O.P. was incorrect (which I could have dealt with.) I am not even sure if what they sent qualify's as semi-fancy grade!

    This is what they sent me:


    This is what they advertise on their website what the customer would receive:


    During the entire order process, including waiting for the stock to be delivered, emails were not returned. They falsely claimed that all emails were answered - this is not true.

    When I called them about the wrong stock being shipped, the lady who answered said she was just covering for them and didn't know what was going on. She stated that I would get a refund and never offered to correct the issues. The call lasted less than a minute. The very next day, UPS picked up the stock and sent it back to Richards.

    I sent a detailed letter about the stock to Richards on 10/9 by fax and email. After not hearing from them, I then sent a complaint to the BBB on 10/15. Please keep in mind that during my 82 day wait, Richards Microfit Stocks did not answer my Emails, so I gave them six days before filing a complaint with the BBB.

    (I don't even think they took the time to read my letter or emails because I told them the stock they sent didn't even fit my Savage 110...)

    Two weeks later, I get a very angry call from Richards Microfit Stocks who falsely claimed that I was hostile. She was angry that I sent a letter to them about the stock. She was also very angry that I sent a complaint letter to the BBB. She was very rude and unprofessional on the phone and kept interrupting me. I couldn't finish a sentence with the lady. She blamed me for all of the problems. Her rude, childish, unprofessional and vindictive phone call was the longest conversation that I ever had with the company.

    During her call to me, she claimed that two people were out of the office, that also she had been in the hospital. How can I be hostile if nobody is in the office to take my call?

    She then asked that I return a refund check that had been mistakenly mailed to me.

    (Really? They couldn't send me the correct order and made yet another mistake with a refund? It is one excuse after another with this company!)

    It took 82 days for them to ship my order. They didn't answer emails. They sent the wrong stock. The stock had deep gouges in it which I could have taken care of had it been what I ordered. There was no quality to what was shipped to me. They never checked to see if the stock they shipped was what I ordered - no quality control. The stock did not fit my Savage 110. They became angry and vindictive after I sent them a letter and complained to the BBB. They gave a credit to my credit card - then they screwed up by mailing me a check. Nobody was in the office or knew what was going on. They made false accusations about me while asking that I return the check because of their incompetence. They called my home and became very rude and unprofessional because I dared to send a letter to them and to the BBB...

    At no time have they ever apologized or offered to correct the mistake made with my order!

    Customer service is a dying art. Great company’s work with customers. Poor company’s blame their customers.

    In closing, there is no doubt that people have had great experiences with Richards Microfit Stocks. That they have many satisfied customers. But, the fact remains that a search on Google shows complaint after complaint from people who have had experienced horrible customer service from Richard's Microfit Stocks!

    They claim that the only mistake they made was that they sent a Straight-Line thumb-hole style stock. That it would have taken them 15 minutes to correct, but they don't want to do that because of the letter I sent to them... which I find to be childish and very vindictive!

    Richard's Microfit Stocks could have addressed every single concern I had in my 10/09 letter. But that would have required quality customer service!