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    So here is the predicament. I had one of the new savage 110 hs precision ordered my gun guy now says 25 weeks, although i just saw one on gun broker today for 1275 i almost bought it. it sold in just a few hours. So i cancelled my order and lost an AR 15 that i had traded in as a down payment they had already sold it and gave me store credit for it so i ended up with a muzzle loader. I am not thrilled about that but there is nothing that can be done now. Lesson learned

    Back to the question at hand. I need a rifle chambered in 338 lap. I already have redding custom comp dies and 150 berger 300 grain plus 100 pieces of lap brass. I also have the scope already purchased a burris xtr 4-16. SO i am sitting on go, now that i have all of the accessories i have the chance to save up a little extra cash for the rifle.

    Is the TRG 42 worth the money. there is a place with them on sale for 2400 for a desert tan or 2375 for the black. Will the savages actually shoot on par with these rifles. Does anybody make a regular rail for the 110 BA cause i am not owning a gun with that thing on top of it. Where do the AR 30s stand against these rifles and are there any other really accurate 338 lapuas in the 2500 and down price range. ANy info you guys have would be greatly appreciated
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    I ordered my 338 Lapua from HS...they built the entire rifle.

    I couldn't justify the price of the TRG nor wanted the stigma I would have received from the general hunting crowd- too much attention with the TRG or AWS; IMHO.
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    Dominion Outdoors in Fishersville, VA has a 111 LRH in 338 Lapua on the shelf for 1,079.00$