Once Fired Brass (Pistol Plus 308, 223)

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  1. kc0pph

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    Aug 6, 2011
    Hi all,

    I go around picking up brass every time i go to the range. I am lucky in that i think i am the only one who picks up the brass at this range. Many law enforcement officers use this range to practice with their sidearms, so that is what i have mostly.

    I have several 5 gallon buckets filled with 9, 40, and 45 acp (still un sorted but im slowly working on that).

    I believe that for the Pistol brass $10 per 100 is a fair price for everyone. This is my first time doing this so if im way off i can adjust. Im not trying to get rich, just put some more stuff on my loading bench, therefore i am interested in trades.

    As far as 308 the only use i had for them is turing them into 44 Auto Mag, but that was sold. I have about 100 pieces that was picked up about an hour after they were shot. Even have 2 boxes for them (Remington Core-Lok).

    I am looking for case prep materials:
    Deburring tool (used it for something else and cant find it now)
    Flash Hole Deburrer
    Pocket Uniformer (large)
    Neck Turning
    Concentric gague.

    Also .277 bullets. Will take anything in 20 or larger lots. Currently shooting 150 gn Sierra's but wanting to get a sampleing of different ones to see which one i like, and if the 150 sierra is my best bet.

    I also have 35,000 (about) cast .357 158gn gas check bullets made from wheel weights. Not really looking to get rid of them, but if you need a cheap supply of bullets i can help.

    As a note, i did get jipped once by a guy who sent me brass (100 ct) and much of it was damaged beyond repair. Because this is once fired range pick up, and i do not want anyone to feel jipped there will be more than you asked for just in case there is something that slipped my eye.

    Shipping will be added, buyer pays actual shipping charge that i pay to USPS. Will use flat rate boxes and will send up to 65# in a box.

    Accept paypal or Check/money order.
  2. joeltsprecher

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    May 17, 2009
    dear sir,
    am looking for 9mm brass supplier. have some now but go through it pretty fast. last batch i bought was kinda shitty and hope yours are better. please send me contact info w/best time to reach. any discount for an order of 1000 or better?
    joel t sprecher

  3. rick10516a

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    Sep 30, 2011
    what do you charge for 9mm and what quanty. I may have a hand debur new to throw in.