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    Nov 11, 2007
    I have a High Grade Oliver Winchester 30/30 lever rifle. It is beautiful and shoots good enough to be a keeper. With the new powder and FTX bullets from Hornady this weapon is approaching 308 performance , which is important as I live and hunt in the interior of Northern B.C. Canada. I have a tang peep sight installed for my rear and wish to remove the buckhorn rear sight forward of the receiver and fill the empty dovetail with a nice blued sight blank. The dovetail is very very tight and try as I might I am unable to remove it without screwing it and the rifle up. I know that there are special sight remover tools for hand guns as I have seen them offered for sale in the Brownells Catalog. Are there also these same types of tools available for rifles, and if not, any suggestions from the old timers out there on how to get er done without messen up the rifle and the sights?

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