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    Jan 20, 2004
    Recently a couple of masked thugs - Donicio Arrindell, age 22, and
    Frederick Gadson, age 21 - decided to rob a Subway Sandwich Shop in
    Plantation (FL), a little town of about 5,000 due west of Fort
    Lauderdale, just off I-595. It looked like a safe time, shortly
    before midnight and only one patron was dining at a table, an elderly

    After cleaning out the cash register, the hoods decided the old man
    finishing his meal would be easy pickings, too, and herded him into
    the men's room where they helped themselves to his wallet. What they
    didn't know was that this "old man" was John Lovell, an ex-Marine who
    had served as pilot for two Presidents, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B.
    Johnson, and was a gentleman who not only had a Second Amendment
    right to bear arms, he knew how to use them.

    Although 71-years of age, Lovell works out at the gym every day,
    doesn't smoke or use alcohol, and remains very adept at handling
    himself. After they got his money, the ex-Marine pulled out his
    business piece and opened fire, hitting both men - each in the head
    and one in the chest. When police arrived they found one sprawled on
    the floor and the other one the K-9 dogs found hiding outside in the
    bushes. Both were taken to the Broward General Medical Center, where
    Arrindell died and Gadson remained in critical but stable condition
    at the time of this writing.

    As Police Detective Bob Rettig explained, "These criminals ought to
    realize that most men in their 70s have military backgrounds and
    aren't intimidated by idiots. Something tells me this old Marine
    wasn't 'in fear' even though his life was definitely at risk ... And
    he better not be charged! More like rewarded." Then he added, "The
    only thing he could be charged with is partaking in an unfair fight -
    one 71-year-young Marine against two punks." Authorities verified he
    would not be charged, but no mention was made of a reward.
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    Jan 27, 2008
    Semper Fi

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    Feb 9, 2007
    Awesome, we need more like him and the officer who spoke up for him!
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    Jul 1, 2002
    Thats great for the community but sadly enough the scumbag that lived can try to sue him.
    At least he managed to kill the other one , I look at things like this as Darwin's law , Mr. Lovell was just thinning out the crap from the socitiy

    Amazing what the laws protect and give one right to do. As a police officer I'll tell you first hand its sickening