NRA Show in St. Louis, MO

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    May 3, 2001
    Just back from the show, it was a dandy. Saturday set a record for a one day crowd total - estimate for the entire show is 50,000+ folks and they were real nice people. Did not see any protesters.

    Now for the new stuff. T/C's Icons got seriously checked out by about a bazzilion people. S&W introduced a new bolt action rifle called the I-Bolt. Nosler introduced a Barnes look-a-like solid copper bullet to be called the E-Tip and loaded by Winchester - .30 cal/180's first. Bushnell had their new 6-24x50mm 4200 tactical in 30mm, nice - real nice. Saw the three new Kimber tactical LR rifles, very nice and surpisingly priced. Saw the new Ruger Mini-14 Match, very slick. Savage had a great display, really like that new varminter with the HS stock. Rem did not really have anything too new and exciting, some shotgun stuff and an economy boltgun that was intro'd at the SHOT show. Knox stocks are incredible. Henry rifles are really well built, lots of variety, super value. Leupod's VX7 has the slickest turrets of any scope on the market, really like their new HD spotting scope also. NIkon was selling scopes and binocs like there was a girdle-sale going on - they was swamped. The new Monarchs are sweet - but the Monarch X was not there - yet. Very soon they will be reality - pretty much same as original ones. Bushnell has such a wide range of products, ain't just scopes, spotters and binocs anymore. Neat GPS and stuff. Brunton has some incredicle binocs and now the damndest bunch of low-end scopes - amazing prices, reduced since the SHOT show significantly. New pellets for muzzleloaders, Knight has an Encore like centerfire/muzzleloader/rimfire rifle. T/C's Triumph was a huge hit. CVA and Traditions - not there at least I could not find them. Hornady was swamped, some new interbonds and match bullets. Barnes has a new varminter, the Varmint Grenade - my friend Tim showed me a bunch of amazing high-speed movies he has recently done. Unreal what goes on when the boolit hits the bone.
    Going to be a VERY interesting summer...

    Anybody go to the NRA convention??
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    Thanks for the report.......... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif