Now the big decision What Caliber ?

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  1. backyardsniper

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    Oct 9, 2009
    Here is the deal. I just made a trade with a fella on here. Bigbada, who by the way is excellent to deal with if you ever get a chance to do business with him. Out if this deal I got a unfired rem 700 SPS in 7mmRUM which already has the bolt fluted and a tac knob installed. As you can probably guess this rifle is the beginning of my first custom rifle. I bought a custom rifle from a guy and now I'm hooked on them. Anyway I have a good Idea of where I want to go with this rifle. It is going to be a long range hunting rifle that will probably spend more time at the range than hunting but I do intend to hunt with it. I know I want a Manners T5 I'm pretty sure. I know I want to keep the weight down to a reasonable amount. 12lb or less hopefully. My big question is what caliber. What I'm really looking for here is just some opinions and pro's and cons on your favorite caliber. I currently have a TRG42 in 338. I am leaning hard toward a 300ultra since they have the new 230gr bullets out in 30 cal now. However i kinda like the big 7mag stuff. I thought about an Edge but 338 bullets are pricey. I can sling cheap .30cal and 7mm stuff at the steel. I Like 6.5 stuff but I don't know if there are any big 6.5s and i don't want to get into too much wildcat stuff, forming brass and such. Then there is always the inevitable question of barrel life. What about a short barreled 300 short mag has anyone messed with one of these. Or a short 300 ultra mag. would that be a complete waste. I know you would lose some velocity but how much. Anyway feel free to chime in with your opinions on your favorite long range hunting calibers and why. Thanks Guys
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    Apr 18, 2010
    I have a Manners MCS-T4a. They don't make stocks much heavier than that. I like it. But, you mentioned wanting to keep weight down. So, just fyi.

    One option would be to get a 7mm barrel with an 8.5" twist for the soon to be released Berger 195gr bullet. You could order the barrel now and wait for the bullets to arrive. Then, possibly send a dummy round to PTG. It might be worth them making a special reamer to seat it out long for whatever cartridge you pick.

    I wouldn't recommend that route for a one gun owner. But, it seems like you have most of the other bases covered.

    There's a good thread around here somewhere discussing the potential of that bullet with various cartridges.

    -- richard

  3. angus-5024

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    Jan 22, 2008
    Id go for a 7mm flavor if I was you. The new 195 bergers are going to dominate the .30cal-6.5mm bracket, at least be a top preformer for awhile. Im thinking about a 7WSM/.284 WIN so I get good barrel life, or steping up to the STW so I can really push it. after the STW it gets a little redundant. The WSM should get 3000-3100 fps with 180's (no sloach) or 2800 fps with the new 195's. I think thats the route Im gonna go.
    You may need to go with something pretty big for your feed rails to work though.
  4. bigbada

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    Jan 5, 2012
    hey justin, thanks for the props. glad you;re happy with the trade. i think you should check out the 7wsm or 300 wsm, thats what i was going to build with that gun. I PM ed you some great info on the 7mm .
    PS the scope is great.
  5. etisll40

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    Jan 28, 2009
    7stw if you want to shoot the new bergers coming out, 191 grain I hear.

    else 300 wsm is becoming popular and good brass to choose from

    338 edge

    best of all, 338 lapua

    7x300wsm, bullet selection of 7's and bc hard to beat