North east Nebraska range

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    Mar 2, 2009
    I own Arcadian Marksmanship Club near Beemer, NE. It is about 1 and a half hours north and west of Omaha.

    We have 5 ranges the shortest is 25m and the longest is 400 yards. It is not terribly "LONG" by some standards but it is safe and longer than many of the readers here have to work with.

    In my experience... a 300 yard shot with a 22lr is more difficult than a 900 yard shot with any high power. It is also cheaper, quiter and just as much fun. But then I do " love them big boomers" too.

    We are a non-profit, as in can't afford our own web page, group so we have a free posted web page. The link is below if you want to look around.