No longer working for Snowy Mtn Rifles

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    Sep 17, 2008
    I’ll post this in a couple different sub-forums so that it gets seen.
    I am no longer working for Snowy Mountain Rifle Company out of Missoula, MT. If you have purchased one of the SMR rifles I had listed on here, you can get ahold of the store and Greg should take care of you if you are having problems.
    I decided to part ways with SMR for my own reasons, none of which were related to product quality. I’ll just leave things at that. Things are still alive and well at SMR and they will still handle any warranty or customer support that is needed. Thank you to everybody that purchased items through me, it was a pleasure working to get you what you wanted at a price you could handle.
    I’ll still be on this forum, just not selling items for SMR.