Nikon Spotting Scope and Binocular Deals

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    Nikon Spotting Scope and Binocular Deals

    We just received a fairly large shipment from Nikon of Demo/Refurbs* (Nikon refers to all non-new samples and whatnot as refurbs*. Please see below)
    Here is a list of what came in. Please feel free to give a call with any questions.

    Spotting Scopes:

    #7351 15-45x60 Sky & Earth $199.99

    #7355 15-45x60 Sky & Earth Outfit with Full Sized Tripod $239.99

    #7356 15-45x60 Team RealTree $239.99

    #8330 20-60x60 Straight Fieldscope III $549.99

    #6890 XL II 16-48x60 $299.99

    #8317 20-60x82 ProStaff with tripod $439.99

    #7397 Fieldscope III $539.99

    #8319 Prostaff 20-60x82 Team Realtree Outfit with Tripod $469.99


    #7369 Sporter 1 10x36 $89.99

    #7415 Buckmaster 8x36 $99.99

    #7366 Team Realtree $139.99

    #7381 8x32 Superior E $399.99

    * Nikon defines a "Refurbished Product" as any product that has been returned by a retail partner/authorized Nikon dealer. Once the product is returned, Nikon conducts a rigorous evaluation of the appearance and all product functions to make sure that the item meets their quality standards. Your product will function identically to a brand-new Nikon product, however it is possible for a reconditioned product to have a scratch or blemish on the surface, not the optics. Nikon demos come with a 90 day warranty. After that 90 days is up it would still carry the 25 year no fault coverage, however, if any work is ever performed you will be charged $20.00 to cover return shipping and paperwork.

    These are special prices that you must call in to order to get.
    Thanks for your continued support