Nikon Prostaff Binos--8x42

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    Oct 20, 2011
    first off i would like to thank the people at Camera Land, Inc. for holding the "contests" that they have pretty regular and Nikon Optics for the wonderful products that they make! the people at Camera Land were good to talk to and i had my binoculars in 3-4 days, that's quick shipping!

    i was a runner-up in the last contest they had and got an pair of Nikon Prostaff 8x42 binoculars. these things are really an excellent quality binocular for what they would cost if you were to buy a pair and having used them for the last 8-9 days around the neigborhood and out in the boonies where i go shooting i would highly recommend them to anybody looking for such an item!

    they come with an pretty substantial carry strap that is 1 1/2 wide around the shoulder area, objective lens caps that really snap-in and stay in place until you remove them(they aren't going to fall out on their own), and the ocular lens caps which stay in place if you have the strap laced through them as in the diagrammed instructions.

    looking through the binoculars you get a good,sharp and clear picture! these are very easy to adjust for each user and the ocular lens cups rotate out to give you some extra shade to prevent the sun from reflecting off the lenses. to adjust for distance, the focus wheel is smooth and has a nice feel to it. the overall body of the camera is coated with some type of non-slip coating that feels nice to the touch.

    overall, i would highly recommend buying a pair of these if the 8x42 binoculars will do for you. very good quality and very durable in my opinion!

    and don't forget Camera Land for your optic needs!!!