Nikon Action EX Extreme Binos

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    Jul 27, 2001
    This might be this years sleeper. As some have seen my previous post, I have been very happy and impressed with the Nikon Monarch ATB 8X42 binos. After two years of playing and hunting, I still am. Great optics and well priced.

    I saw a new product from Nikon and had to try it. They have taken their low priced porro prism binos (dog legged type) and put the Monarch ATB type glass in them. These are called the Action EX and are rated as waterproof.

    Well, just got my hands on the 12X50 and can only say WOW!!! These things are very impressive. I read that the edge clarity wasn't that good. Mine seemed just fine. Central viewing is fantastic with the ability to resolve grass and thin branches (1/4" diameter) at over 800yds (out the back door). Brightness was on par with the Monarchs which is to say very good, especially for a higher power binos.

    The sharpness and clarity is certainly up there with the more expensive brands. For under $150 US delivered, that is amazing. I am comparing this to my Leica and Wild rangefinders which have superb glass.

    I hope there will be others who can check them out and also provide their thoughts. For ranging out to 1000m, these might just be perfect. Due to weather, I have not explored with them further but I most certainly will.